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Episode 3: Conversation - Michael Møller, Director-General at UN Geneva

June 25, 2019

Welcome to our Conversation series, where we sit down with various leaders, experts and contributors to learn from their experiences and insights. In this episode, the Director of the Library, Francesco Pisano, speaks with the current Director-General at UN Geneva, Michael Møller, who completes his term at the end of June 2019. The Director-General shares his thoughts on his time leading UN Geneva, his 40 years of service at the UN, and his view on the role of multilateralism today. 


Speakers: Michael Møller (Director-General at UN Geneva) & Francesco Pisano (Director of the UN Library Geneva).

Host: Natalie Alexander.

Editor & Sound Editor: Natalie Alexander.

Image: UN Photos/Iryna Turtaieva.

Recorded and produced at the United Nations Office at Geneva.

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