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Episode 10: Conversation - Fiji’s Ambassador Nazhat Shameem Khan on multilateralism, women in leadership, and the nexus of climate change and human rights.

August 30, 2019

Episode 10 of the Next Page brings a conversation with Ambassador Nazhat Shameem Khan, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Fiji to the United Nations in Geneva. Director of the UN Library Geneva, Francesco Pisano, joins her to discuss her story and how she joined the Permanent Mission, the importance of multilateralism for small island developing states and vice versa, her thoughts and experiences on the role of women in leadership, and some of the critical issues concerning climate change and human rights in the Pacific and also globally.  

Ambassador Khan was born in Fiji and has an academic background in law and criminology. During her 16 years as a prosecutor in Fiji, she was appointed Director of Public Prosecutions of Fiji in 1994, and in 1999 was appointed Fiji’s first woman High Court judge. She was appointed Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva in 2014. 

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Speakers: Nazhat Shameem Khan & Francesco Pisano.

Host: Natalie Alexander.

Editor & Sound Editor: Natalie Alexander.

Image: Permanent Mission of the Republic of Fiji to the UN in Geneva.

Recorded and produced at the UN Library Geneva.

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