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Episode 15: #Multilateralism100 - Multilateralism in Motion: the lasting impact & innovations of the League of Nations.

November 22, 2019

Welcome to The Next Page, the podcast of the UN Library Geneva. This episode continues our #Multilateralism100 series, where we explore some of the issues and the people that have shaped multilateralism since the creation of the League of Nations to its transition to the United Nations today, as we mark the Centenary of Multilateralism in Geneva. 

What ideas are coming out today on the impact and the work of the League, and what opportunities for research are still to come? For this conversation, we had two academics in the studio, Karen Gram-Skjoldager (Associate Professor at Aarhus University) and Haakon Ikonomou (Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen), to share what they’re up to, and a recently published book that they edited, called The League of Nations: Perspectives from the Present

How did the League shape modern multilateralism, what are some innovations that have continued in today’s international organisations, what is being thought of and seen in new ways? They both share their views and some insights from the book, which brings in new ideas from a range of researchers currently exploring the workings of the League. 

Further resources: 

Read more at the Aarhus University Blog, The Invention of International Bureaucracy:  as well as publications that have come out of the blog project:  

Find out about the book, The League of Nations: Perspectives from the Present:    

Learn more about the Centenary of Multilateralism in Geneva:


Speakers: Karen Gram-Skjoldager (Associate Professor, PhD, Aarhus University) and Haakon Ikonomou (Associate Professor, PhD, University of Copenhagen)

Host: Natalie Alexander.

Editor & Sound Editor: Natalie Alexander.

Images: Aarhus University & UN Library Geneva.

Recorded and produced at the UN Library Geneva.

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