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40: Prof. Bertrand Badie on inter-sociality and the multilateralism of the future

December 18, 2020


In this brief English addition to Episode 40 – originally recorded in French – Blandine Blukacz-Louisfert, Chief of the Institutional Memory Section at the United Nations Library&Archives Geneva speaks with Professor Bertrand Badie, a French political scientist and emeritus professor at Sciences Po Paris.

In this short summary of the conversation, Professor Badie captures the essence of his new book, Inter-socialités: le monde n’est plus géopolitique. In his book, he argues that international relations have become inter-social rather than geo-political.



Learn more about Professor Bertrand Badie's new book Inter-socialités - Le monde n'est plus géopolitique:

Read the transcript here:

Access the UN Library&Archives Geneva research guides and resources here:


Speakers: Professor Bertrand Badie & Blandine Blukacz-Louisfert

Host/Editor: Pierre-Étienne Bourneuf

Producer: Karen Lee

Images: Citoyens du Monde / Éditions la Découverte 

Social media designs and transcript: Karen Lee 

Recorded & produced at the United Nations Library&Archives Geneva

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