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44: Kris Monteith on activating youth voice #KnowledgeRising

February 5, 2021


Today, we continue with our series Knowledge Rising dedicated to listening to young changemakers. In episode 44, we are joined by Kristeena Monteith.

Kris is the creative producer at Talk Up Yout, a suite of multi-media platforms, and executive producer of Talk Up Radio that gives Jamaican Youth a voice and focuses on tackling issues affecting young people. It’s also led, produced and driven by young people and after almost a decade of existence the platform is firmly identified with youth upliftment and empowerment. Not surprisingly, with her dynamism and as a leading activist, Kris was also chosen to be a class of 2018 UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals. 

As a young person herself, Kris speaks on the importance and necessity of activating youth voice and shares the many ways she is using the Talk Up Yout platform to not only encourage young people to speak, but others to listen.


Access the episode transcript here:

Learn more about Kris and her work: 

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A special mention to Talk Up Radio’s other superstar co-producer, Andrica Rigg! 

Youth and Organizations Mentioned 

Kevaughn Ellis - Inner-city Development Youth Association (IDYA): 

Chelsea Wright - Girls Who Know: 

Dainalyn Swaby - Global Yaadie: 

Najeeb "Jeeby Lyricist" Spence: 

Not mentioned: 

Isheba Cornwall - Empower Youth Tees: 


Speakers: Kris Monteith and Natalie Alexander 

Host: Amy Smith 

Editor/Producer: Karen Lee 

Images: Kris Monteith 

Graphics, social media designs and transcript: Karen Lee 

Recorded & produced by the UN Library & Archives Geneva 


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