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46: Prof. Carlos Lopes on Structural Change in Africa & Investing in Africa’s Youth

March 5, 2021

Episode_46_Twitter_Banner8wmpi.pngEpisode 46 sees Professor Carlos Lopes return to the podcast after featuring in our very first episode back in 2019. This time, he joins us online from South Africa, to speak with our Director Francesco Pisano about his latest book: Structural Change in Africa: Misperceptions, New Narratives and Development in the 21st Century, which he authored with George Kararach. 

Professor Lopes is a Professor at the Mandela School of Public Governance at the University of Cape Town, a Visiting Professor at Sciences Po, an Associate Fellow in the Africa Programme at Chatham House, and the former Executive Director of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, among other roles. He joins Francesco Pisano to speak about the importance of this new work, and what is necessary for Africans to change their reality through structural transformation. The book's 7 chapters aim to expand our knowledge about the African continent, and outline practical suggestions for how development in this complex, yet vibrant continent can be achieved.



Speakers: Carlos Lopes & Francesco Pisano.  

Host: Karen Lee & Natalie Alexander.

Editor & Sound Editor: Karen Lee.

Images: Carlos Lopes.

Recorded and produced at the UN Library & Archives Geneva.


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