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Episode 47: Knowledge Rising - Dira Fabrian on the art of diplomacy & finding common ground

March 19, 2021 episode 47, Dira Fabrian joins our Knowledge Rising series to reflect on the role of young diplomats in multilateralism today. After a decade serving as a diplomat for her home country of Indonesia, she shares what she's learned in these past years, as well as her advice for young diplomats entering the service in a rapidly changing global and technological landscape. She also shares what she believes is important to make multilateralism more inclusive, and what it takes to find common ground while embracing our diversity. 


The Women's Power Index, by the Women and Foreign Policy Program at the Council on Foreign Relations: 

UN-Women - Facts and Figures: Leadership and Political Participation: 

Watch the Gamelan being played at the UN Library & Archives Geneva: 

Find out more about the Gamelan: 


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Speaker: Dira Fabrian

Host: Natalie Alexander

Editor/Producer: Karen Lee & Natalie Alexander

Images: Dira Fabrian 

Graphics, social media designs and transcript: Natalie Alexander

Recorded & produced by the UN Library & Archives Geneva 

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