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49: Dr. Katharina Rietzler on recovering Women’s Thought in International Relations

April 16, 2021


In Episode 49 historian, author and researcher Katharina Rietzler joins Francesco Pisano to talk about her new book called Women's International Thought: A new history. Dr Rietzler co-wrote the book after her research revealed that numerous women in history have researched and published in the field of international public affairs but only a few were present in the documented history of international relations as a disciple and in international thought.  

Although the author pays tribute to otherwise marginalised female thinkers in the book, she also stressed the importance of not predetermining, romanticising and generalising women’s intersectional contributions purely on their gender. 

Tune in to hear this intriguing discussion about rethinking the patriarchal history of international relations by challenging existing paradigms through the recovery of female voices.  


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Women's International Thought: A New History: (book)  

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Speaker: Katharina Rietzler & Francesco Pisano 

Host: Natalie Alexander 

Producer/Editor: Katrine Lyngsø 

Image: Fran Monks

Social media designs: Katrine Lyngsø 

Recorded & produced at the United Nations Library & Archives Geneva 

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