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50: Dr. Elizabeth Sáenz on the interconnectivity of the Sustainable Development Goals

April 30, 2021

Twitter_Banner_-_Ep_37bhxwp.pngDr. Elizabeth Sáenz joined The Next Page for a conversation on the interconnection between the Sustainable Development Goals. As a pediatrician and liaison officer for the United Nations Organization on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) at the WHO, Dr. Sáenz specializes in drug dependence treatment, with a special focus on prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.  

Speaking on this issue from the perspective of the SDGs, Dr. Sáenz explores how quality education, gender equality and even decent work and economic growth are all intertwined within this context. She highlights the need for greater compassion and understanding, the role that everyone can play towards raising awareness, and the vastly multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary nature of the ongoing efforts in prevention and treatment. Additionally, she speaks on the unique but collaborative roles of the UNODC and the WHO in advancing the conversation on this topic, through the lens of justice and health.  

A fascinating conversation that shines a light on the interconnectedness of the Sustainable Development Goals, and the role that everyone can play, we hope this episode brings you new insights and perspectives. 



Twitter – Dr. Sáenz: 

UNODC and the SDGs: 

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UNODC 2021-2025 Strategy: 

UNODC Strategic Vision for Africa 2030: 

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Speakers: Karen Lee & Elizabeth Sáenz 

Host/Editor: Karen Lee 

Producers: Karen Lee & Natalie Alexander  

Social media designs: Katrine Lyngso 

Recorded & produced at the United Nations Library & Archives Geneva  


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