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Episode 2: Multilateralism101 - what it is and why we’re celebrating its Centenary

June 25, 2019

Welcome to our #Multilateralism100 series, where we'll share conversations and event recordings on the Centenary of Multilateralism in Geneva, and explore the issues and the people that have shaped multilateralism since the creation of the League of Nations to its transition to the United Nations.

In this episode, Natalie Alexander speaks with Library colleagues Stefan Vukotic and Pierre-Etienne Bourneuf to find out the 101 on the Centenary and the development of multilateralism over the past century.

Learn more at the Centenary of Multilateralism in Geneva website:

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Speakers: Stefan Vukotic (Chief of the Archives Management Unit) & Pierre-Etienne Bourneuf (Scientific Advisor).

Host: Natalie Alexander

Editor & Sound Editor: Natalie Alexander. 

Image: Alyni Lima. 

Recorded and produced at the UN Library Geneva.



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