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55: Neutrality and vulnerable states with Ambassador Nasir Andisha of Afghanistan

July 9, 2021

Joho_8_b38b6.pngWhat is neutrality and why it is beneficial for some states? How do geopolitical tensions influence Afghanistan's potential for permanent neutrality?

In episode 55 of the #NextPagePod, our director Francesco Pisano spoke to Dr Nasir A. Andisha, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Afghanistan to the UN in Geneva, about Afghanistan's periods of neutrality which have coincided with periods of stability and peace.

Dr Andisha is also the author of Neutrality and Vulnerable States, which analyses the concept and practice of neutrality from an academic and historical perspective. In this conversation, the ambassador also gave us his perspective of Afghanistan's future in light of the US's withdrawal of all its troops and how this can affect its prospects of regional neutrality. 


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Neutrality and Vulnerable States: 

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Speakers: Dr. Nasir A. Andisha & Francesco Pisano

Host: Katrine Lyngso

Editor & Producer: Katrine Lyngso

Social media designs: Katrine Lyngso 

Recorded & produced at the United Nations Library & Archives Geneva  

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